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Success Stories

zOpt's solution has been highly transformative for us. The complexity of AWS billing and the dynamic nature of our services required a sophisticated approach. zOpt provided visibility and control we needed to make informed decisions, optimize our resources, and 30% reduction in our annual AWS costs. This saving has not only improved our bottom line but also allowed us to allocate more resources towards enhancing our social impact initiatives.

Ron Dutta

Founder, CEO - Neki

Manikandan Krishnan-Kido.jpeg
We began working with zOpt in January 2024 to gain insights into our cloud usage and help optimize our cloud spend. zOpt helped us reduce our costs across multiple services like compute, storage, databases, caching etc. They also helped us make Savings Plan and RI commitments after right sizing our environments. Our performance improved and our cost reduced significantly after implementing their recommendations using their human-vetted automation.

Manikhandan Krishnan

Cofounder - Kido Enterprises

Abhilash Rathore Fintaar_edited.jpg
AWS cost is very critical for our business, gross margins and competitive advantages. We attempted AWS cost optimization multiple times with various partners, but could get minimal impact. zOpt is team of ex-AWS experts and the automated platform could deliver a whopping 35% cost savings to us. This proved to be tremendous boost to our unit economics. Huge thumbs up to zOpt team for delivering the impact to our business. The cloud spend insights have been helping us keep a tight control on our cloud spend on an ongoing basis. 

Abhilash Rathore

Founder, CTO - Fintaar

Kuldeep K C M - Prosimo.jpeg
We began working with zOpt about a year ago to gain insights into our cloud spending and receive recommendations for cost savings. Thanks to the zOpt platform, we've been able to gain valuable insights into our spending and make informed decisions to reduce costs. Some standout features of zOpt include Cloud Debt, which provides recommendations for transitioning to newer generations of cloud services to improve performance and reduce costs. Additionally, the user-vetted automation feature is really helpful to clean up unused resources in multiple cloud accounts without much effort, further reducing costs. 

Kuldeep KCM

DevOps Leader - Prosimo

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