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Why zOpt ?

Put zOpt to work. Invest your time where it's needed

Easy setup, cloud optimization onboarding
Easy setup in Simple 1-2-3  steps

Easy setup

Set it up once, and you're ready in < 5 minutes. Single click deploy for your payer account and all linked accounts.

Set Cost & Usage Reports replication policy

Readonly IAM role for utilization API access

IAM role for automation scheduling

Actionable Spend Insights

First step in Cloud FinOps is understanding your cloud spend patterns, demand seasonalities and derive actionable insights. Get answers for your important business KPIs.

Ensure your cloud spend is inline with business growth

Get a firm handle on monthly, daily, hourly cloud spend

Track spend for cost-centers and workload categories

Maximize value from SPOT and multi-year commitments

Actionable cloud spend insights
simple actionable insights
Save cloud cost with simple steps while protecting performance
Save cloud cost with simple steps while protecting performance

Save Cloud Cost

Saving cloud cost while improving or protecting application performance is hard. This is exactly what we do.


Our algorithms are enriched by our deep cloud expertise and experience of helping 100's of customers. All savings recommendations are fine-tuned  with your application architecture, usage pattern and demand seasonality.

Optimization impact across 90%+ cloud spend

Improve gross margins and unit economics

Specific and actionable recommendations

Application performance guarantee

Human Vetted Automation

Implementing changes in your cloud infrastructure requires skilled engineers, planning, coordination across different teams. Team bandwidth constrains could delay implementing optimizations. 

Security conscious cloud owners do not trust the automation. They demand human control & oversight for every change being made in their cloud infrastructure. 

Get the best of both worlds from our human vetted automated execution, speed and accuracy of automation along with human knowledge and oversight.

Automated implementation with a few clicks

Stay in control for automated execution

Review & approve every automation

Choose execution time and specific accounts

Get best of both worlds, efficiency of automation and human oversight
Prosthetic Hand
Cloud debt slows you down, costs most. Retire cloud debt.
Retire cloud debt step by step in continuous manner

Retire Cloud Debt

Cloud Debt is similar to Tech Debt, where you could be using older generation infrastructure, services and software. This often results in inefficiencies and suboptimal price performance.

Identifying cloud debt and replace it with the better performing cloud infrastructure that is guaranteed to work in specific customer architecture, usage pattern is challenging. Implementing the identified changes/upgrades that are guaranteed to work for you with minimal efforts is the value we bring for you. 

Automated identification of cloud debt

Curated recommendation for retiring cloud debt

Automated implementation with a few clicks

Better price performance guarantee

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