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We optimize your cloud

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Our Mission

Help 1 million cloud customers maximize returns on their cloud investments. Improved reliability, performance of scalable cloud infrastructure at lower total cost of ownership. 

Realized Cloud Value

Cloud ROI

Cloud Costs

zOpt (/zi: Opt)

zi: the very last letter, ultimate

Opt: OPTimization platform

Cloud ROI

Our Purpose

Historically, cloud optimization has been available for a few large cloud spenders, with dedicated FinOps teams on their payroll. We are democratizing cloud optimization and FinOps for million+ smaller public cloud customers. 

We are excited to make cloud optimization, FinOps accessible to startups, ISVs, SaaS and SMBs. 

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Our Story

Our founding team seen hundreds of cloud customers struggle during their cloud adoption, maturing on cloud, scaling their businesses on cloud, despite having the best engineering talent.


The public cloud is innovating at break-neck pace, and it takes more than full time experts to keep the business evolution on cloud in check, so that one could get value from the powerful public cloud platform without overspending.


Cloud best practices are guidelines, work to a certain extent and then needs be customized for customer specific architecture, demand seasonality and regulatory environments. 

After helping 600+ cloud customers while working at AWS, our founding team codified their expert knowledge and packaged it specifically for smaller cloud customers. 

We democratized cloud governance and FinOps which was elite membership club for the big boys.

Cloud ROI


Samir Karande

Chief Executive Officer

Third time entrepreneur. 5+ years with AWS, managed Billion $$ global AWS customer portfolio. 

Gaurav Sharma

Vice President Cloud

3+ years with AWS, helped dozens of unicorns, born-in-cloud customers. Amazon Database specialist.

Mandar Behere

Vice President Technology

20+ years in enterprise SaaS product engineering. ex-Head of technology at Giftease and mSauda. 

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