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Cost Visualization Tools Vs Cost Optimization Platform

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

April 04, 2023

Most of us have fallen sick at some point in our lives and needed treatment from a doctor to get back to healthy state. So why am I talking about health, doctor, treatment etc. when the topic of this post is cost visualization vs cost optimization? Because the processes are very similar.

Last time I fell sick my doctor captured vital parameters like temperature, pulse rate, oxygen level, blood pressure etc. He also captured my symptoms, known conditions, medical history and hereditary parameters. The doctor’s clinic had various devices to capture this information. The doctor prescribed blood work to capture parameters like blood glucose, cholesterol, CBC etc. And I was required to get an X-Ray and Sonography done.

The above lab results, images, vital parameters put together generated more than hundred data points. I looked at it and wasn’t able to make any sense out of this data. I needed an expert (doctor in this case) to understand this data, identify my issue and prescribe medication for my condition.

Now talking about cloud cost optimization, companies need to capture cost and usage data. After some processing this data can be visualized to show what are the top spenders, what are the trends (growing, declining etc.), what is new etc. While this is great insight, but it is just the start and this is what the cost visualization tools do.

If you are not a cost optimization expert you may find yourself lost among all the data and trends, not knowing what to do with it. What is required is a cost optimization expert (doctor) that can look at this data along with your application and architecture context (medical history, hereditary parameters) and come back with customized actionable recommendations (personalized medication) that will reduce your costs.

We are the cost optimization doctor that removes the complexity from your cloud spend and provide specific actionable steps customized to reduce your cloud spend. is created with this singular mission, provide maximum cloud cost optimization impact and share the cloud cost savings.

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