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Cloud Cost Optimization – Where are the specific actionable insights?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

May 03, 2023

Lets assume you are an amateur stock trader and you have option of using yahoo finance portal with millions of data points but no precise actionable items or Motley Fool's stock advisor that gives you daily/weekly specific advise on which stocks to buy and sell at specific price points. Which option would you prefer?

Let's apply this analogy to cloud cost optimization.

Customers love public cloud for many reasons. It provides agility that helps them stay competitive and innovate faster. They could start building with low upfront investment without any commitment. Pay as you go pricing helps businesses test their hypothesis and fail-fast model avoids incurring significant costs. And when they succeed, they can keep up with their rate of growth.

While all the above-mentioned benefits exist, and customers are taking advantage of them; customers realize that their cloud spendings are suboptimal for their application and workloads. Suboptimal spend implies customers are getting lesser return on their investments. This means higher unit economics, less competitive advantage, and less budget for innovation.

While customers are committed to cloud and it’s mission critical for their business, but lack of ROI from cloud investment is a concern for most executive leaders and board members. They are demanding better cloud ROI and improved bottom line.

Let’s accept the reality. The cloud pricing is complex. There are hundreds of services with thousands of features, each with different metrics for usage and associated costs. Complexity is further aggravated because pricing changes often, newer services and features are continued to be added at a increasing pace. Hence, it is more than full time job for the to keep up with cloud domain complexity and changes.

Some customers have visibility into their spend data, cost line items, trends etc. via cloud provider tools or third-party cost visualization tools. They find it difficult to dive deep and understand how to optimize. Customers are overwhelmed with lots of generic recommendations but are looking for specific and actionable insights. Something that will have material impact on their cloud spend.

We remove the complexity from your cloud spend and provide specific actionable steps customized to reduce your cloud spend. is created with this singular mission, provide maximum cloud cost optimization impact and share the impacted cloud cost savings.
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