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Cloud Cost Optimization is NOT One Time, but a Continuous Process

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Jun 02, 2023

Do you have a friend or two who lost weight by following a diet program only to gain it back sometime later? I am sure we all have. What do you think is the reason? There are multiple reasons but an important one is that once an individual loses the rigor they start going back to old habits and end up gaining weight back. In many cases, individuals gain more weight than they had originally lost.

So, what’s the recipe for long-term weight loss? It’s simply doing the right things regularly over many years. The recipe for cost optimization is no different. Organizations need to adopt cloud governance model, monitor their spending patterns and routinely audit & apply cost optimization measures on an ongoing basis.

You may say, I am different from others and don’t really need ongoing cloud cost optimization. Here is some food for thought.

New Services and Features – Cloud Service Providers are rolling out newer services and features at an accelerated pace. These newer services could provide you better price performance. Most cloud architectures evolve much faster than the on-prem world.

Cloud Provider initiated pricing changes – Cloud providers can come up with newer pricing models for their services which will have a direct impact on customers spending.

New Types and Generation of VM’s – Cloud providers keep adding new generation and new types of instances. This presents an opportunity to evaluate usage and leverage instances that can bring costs down for specific workloads.

New Storage Types and Tiers – The amount and type of data that companies store now are significantly more than before and it continues to grow at a staggering pace. Different types of storages and tiers are available to store this data based on business needs, SLA’s etc. More storage types with different features are added on an ongoing basis opening possibilities for additional cost savings.

Business Requirements are evolving rapidly – Businesses need to be agile to adapt to changing market dynamics, improve unit economics and offer better SLAs to customers. They are also adding analytics and AI capabilities to enhance user experience. All such changes have an impact on costs.

If organizations perform cost optimization once and forget about it, they would surely be able to reduce some spending. But, very likely over a short period of time the one-time savings will be lost, and cloud spend would become sub optimized again. offers continuous cost optimization that helps customers derive maximum savings. Our customers gain the most value using our subscription model, partnering with us on their cost optimization journey.
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